Are Dental X-rays Safe for Children?

Are Dental X-rays Safe for Children?

Posted by Unique Kids Pediatric Dentistry on Oct 13 2021, 06:43 AM

Dental X-rays are sometimes very important to detect any dental concerns invisible to the naked eye but hidden under the teeth's surface and beneath the gum line. However, at Unique Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we understand that many parents have doubts about whether dental X-rays are safe for their kids.

However, the good news is that today's dental X-rays are safer and less risky than ever before. Read on to know why.

Reasons For X-Rays

A child may need dental X-rays for several reasons. During a regular dental examination, several areas in your kid's mouth are not visible to the dentist, like beneath the gums or inside the teeth. Dental X-rays can be helpful in such situations.

However, the Unique Kids Pediatric Dentistry pediatric dentist won't suggest an X-ray unless we have some unanswered questions about your child's oral health after a complete dental exam.

Your child may need an X-ray in the following cases:

  • To understand if there's enough space in your child's mouth for the emerging teeth.
  • To discover if your child is losing their primary teeth on time to make room for the permanent teeth.
  • To check for any impacted teeth.
  • To detect early symptoms of tooth decay. 
  • To detect any developmental irregularities like cysts or tumors.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Now that you have learned about why and when dental X-rays are needed for your child, do you still have concerns about the safety of dental X-rays? Mouth Healthy by the American Dental Association says dental X-rays are safe as they expose the child to less radiation that does not cause any harmful consequences to your child.

At Unique Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we use digital X-rays that emit about 80 percent less radiation than the traditional film X-rays. Besides, you can ask your dentist for an apron or a thyroid collar to shield your child's abdomen and thyroid. 

Children with a low risk of tooth decay and cavities don't need dental X-rays often, so following good oral hygiene practices is critical. Encourage your child not to skip brushing and flossing their teeth and rinsing after every meal. 

At Unique Kids Pediatric Dentistry, our pediatric dentist recommends X-rays for your kid only if it is absolutely necessary, after weighing up the risks against its benefits.

As a parent, it's normal to have worries and safety concerns about X-rays. We recommend parents speak to our pediatric dentist about the benefits and risks of dental X-rays to figure out what is best for their child.

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