Sports and Dental Trauma

Sports and Dental Trauma

Posted by Unique Kids Pediatric Dentistry on Mar 23 2022, 06:10 AM

Sports is an activity indulging in which a person stands chances of injuries. Most people consider preventive measures before taking part in sports activities. While adults are capable of taking measures, children need assistance and help to keep themselves safe during the activity. 

Dental Trauma is a major problem that happens during accidents while participating in sports. While most kids are provided protective gear that includes helmets, a mouth guard is often not provided in the same. It is a protective dental device placed inside the mouth to protect the teeth and gums from injuries. 

How does a Mouth Guard Protect the Mouth?

A mouthguard is fabricated to fit the unique dental measurements of the child. Before participating in the sports event, the mouthguard should be placed inside the mouth. It creates a protective layer that prevents the tooth from injuries during accidents. 

How to Choose a Mouth Guard? 

There are several types of mouth guards which are 

  • Stock Mouth Guards
  • Boil and Bite Mouth Guards
  • Custom Mouth Guards.

When choosing a mouth guard, a significant factor to consider is durability. Good quality mouth guards provide better protection and last longer. It withstands the concentrated force during accidents. Another factor when choosing a mouth guard is comfort. The child should be able to breathe and talk properly while wearing the mouthguard. It should perfectly fit inside the mouth and protect all the teeth in one arch.

How is Mouth Guard Fabricated? 

For a custom-made mouthguard, the parent should accompany the child to the dental practice. The dentist takes the measurements of the child’s mouth with the help of a mold and the dental images obtained from X-Rays. It is sent to the laboratory for fabrication. On the next visit, the dentist places the mouth guard in the child’s mouth and checks for proper fitting. 


Precaution is always better than cure. Wearing a mouthguard can save your child from dental damage and tooth loss. Get a custom-made mouthguard from an expert dentist to avoid the chances of dental trauma. 

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