Pediatric Dental Cleanings & Exams in New Caney, TX

Pediatric Dental Cleanings & Exams in New Caney, TX

Dental exams and cleanings are vital for the well-being of your child’s teeth and oral cavity. Besides efficient brushing and flossing at home, a comprehensive professional cleaning will help keep their tooth decay and cavities in check. At Unique Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend that your child undergo regular checkups to ensure their teeth stay healthy and their smile looks beautiful.

What Are Some Benefits of Dental Exams and Cleanings?

With regular visits for exams and cleanings, we can help your child by:

  • Preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and foul odor
  • Enabling you to avoid extensive and costly dental procedures
  • Providing fluoride treatments that will replenish the mineral and strengthen the tooth
  • Apply dental sealants on the chewing surfaces will prevent cavities
  • Assessing their teeth for orthodontic problems like misalignment
  • Help make a smile that lasts a lifetime

What Is Done During Your Child’s Dental Exam?

The following can be expected during your child’s dental exam with Dr. Roshan Roshannejad:

  • We will evaluate your child’s overall health, oral hygiene, eating and drinking habits, and tooth decay risks.
  • We will take dental X-rays to observe what is happening beneath the surface of the teeth and gums. 
  • Softly scrub your kid’s teeth with a wet cloth to remove stains or deposits.
  • Demonstrate effective tooth-cleaning techniques.
  • Measure the child’s fluoride intake.
  • Check for bumps or sores on the tongue and cheeks.
  • Evaluate habit impacts such as thumb sucking and nail-biting

What Is Involved During Professional Cleanings?

Dr. Roshan Roshannejad will begin your child’s cleaning by evaluating the surface of the teeth to determine if there are any cavities. We will then carry out a periodontal exam to ensure that your child’s gums bond tightly to the teeth and that no periodontal disease or bone loss is present.

Next, we will carefully clean your child’s teeth with dental tools to remove the bacterial buildup from the teeth. Then, your child’s teeth are flossed using a polishing compound, and then fluorides are applied. If we detect tooth decay or gum disease, we will teach you about changing your child’s brushing or flossing practices. In severe cases, we may prescribe antibiotics or other dental treatments.

Your child’s oral health is paramount to us, and we want to make sure their teeth are kept clean and sparkling. To make an appointment for a pediatric dental cleaning and exam, please don’t hesitate to contact Unique Kids Pediatric Dentistry in New Caney, TX 77357. You can reach us at (832) 930-7732.


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